This Works

By Sarah Redman

I have tried many brands and products in the quest for clear, healthy skin. My skin is extremely sensitive so it didn’t take long for me to realise that natural products where much better and my skin was more likely to react the more chemicals in the product. I have been a fan of Liz Earle, a natural skin care brand for a while, so it was a logical step to take a look at the brand This Works. Beauty bloggers have been raving about their products for ages and I have finally taken the plunge. To be perfectly honest I am never that optimistic when it comes to skin care as I know how easily my skin reacts, but This Works does genuinely seem to work.

So far I have only tried three of their products, one from their skin care range and the other two products to aid with sleep. I first got into This Works after receiving their deep sleep pillow talk set, which includes both their deep sleep pillow spray and deep sleep less stress roll, for Christmas and recently I have tried their in transit first aid roll on.


(Review coming later this spring)

In transit first aid is my go to miracle product at the moment. I am prone to the odd break out especially when deadlines are looming so I really need something that can calm my skin down without me worrying. This roll on is packed full of natural oils from rosewood to lavender and works on everything from spots to cuts, grazes and even bites.


Not everyone is a fan of the roller ball top, but it makes it easy to use the right amount of this product and if you really are worried about bacteria you can always roll the remedy onto your finger and then apply to where it is needed. Although, this is a natural antiseptic so it should keep the germs at bay, just make sure to always clean your skin before applying. This product comes from the range In Transit which was designed to be portable, unbreakable, un-spillable and multi tasking and that’s certainly what they’ve done. Although you only get 10ml for your £16 this little bottle lasts for ages, so don’t worry about it’s running out too soon.

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By Sarah Redman

Happy Valentines day everyone!

Here are The Sarah’s Style Blog us Sarah’s are not too fussed about this particular day, whether in or out of a relationship. But I figure its a nice excuse to wish all you lovely people in the blog-a-sphere a nice day, whatever it is you are doing. Meal out or in front of a film with a tub of cookie dough – we’re not judging!

But after a peruse of my Instagram feed I came across one of Missguided’s recent posts and it made me chuckle, so I thought I would share… and probably end up perusing their website too – why not!


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Also whatever you’re up to today, take a little time for the Google home page! #SuchFun

Creative cones

By Sarah Redman
To me ice cream is never boring, especially on a hot day! However in a small ice cream parlour in France they have upped their game and created lovely rose designs out of the ice cream of your choice.

Straciatella (Ice milk with pieces of grated chocolate) rose cone

Straciatella (Ice milk with pieces of grated chocolate) rose cone

Fraise et Noisette (Strawberry ice cream and Nut ice cream) rose cone

Straciatella et Fraise (Ice milk with pieces of grated chocolate and Strawberry ice cream) rose cone
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Fashionably Juicy

By Sarah Redman

Firefly natural drinks

Firefly natural drinks, available from Waitrose, are my new favourite go to summer drink. A still fruit juice drink with herbal extracts – in my mind basically the new ice tea.

With flavours ranging from ‘peach and green tea‘ to ‘grapefruit and passionfruit‘ I’m hooked.

Best served cold or on ice, i’m still working my way through the flavours, but if you want a pick me up that will wake you up without going for that fashionable cup of coffee then ‘Lemon, Lime & Ginger‘ is great. Sure it doesn’t have the caffeine but it’s packed full of natural botanical extracts… and it sure is zingy!

The bottle is great too, with a stylish bright and colourful array of designs and the opportunity to send your inspired photos to hopefully  be put on their next bottle. The colourful labels are removable in order to recycle it – but the bottles are also versatile  I am a bit of a hoarder – so any beads, broken necklaces, or old buttons are all kept and look rather arty filling up old bottles.

Check out their special edition bottles here.

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Picture of the week:

By Sarah Redman


I saw this photo while scrolling through my Facebook news feed yesterday, uploaded by Grazia Daily for Grazia’s Weekly Food Round-Up: All Your Food News On One Plate.

‘Edible Spray Paint Makes Food Look Good Enough To Er, Eat’

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Never going out of fashion…

By Sarah Redman

This is procrastination at its best here.

Mini Cupcakes.

I know many people think cupcakes have had their 15 minutes of fashionable fame and now are just little mouthfuls of calorific icing, but I beg to differ. Like most things this season, it seems the smaller the better. First came the rise of walk-able heels and mini block heals on flats, then the growing popularity of the maxi and the midi skirts – maybe because we are all craving something a little more summery to wear and can’t bear to get our legs out in this lovely British weather, but the amount of skin between your ankle and your hemline is shrinking too.

So, being an avid baker – especially in times of stress – I refuse to give up on the classic cupcake, so here is my first experiment with little mouthfuls of joy:

Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter-cream Icing

Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

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Life’s Little Ponderings…

By Sarah Redman

Life's Little Ponderings

This is a lovely little tumblr page, by my friend Georgia Plummer, a photo blog featuring mostly food and fashion – what could be better.

You can also find some photo’s from The Sarah’s Style Blog’s photo shoots she has re-blogged on Life’s Little Ponderings.

Life's Little Ponderings Post

I love her latest re-blog: ‘I’d rather be happy than be thin’ – words of wisdom that she often comes out with, but when you have a friend who bakes cake like she does you won’t want that ‘elusive gap between your thighs’, because seriously I don’t think its possible!

Eat cake, think of fashion, and be happy

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The Versatile Blogger Award


The Sarah’s Style Blog have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Ella, we would like to say a massive thank you to her for taking the time to nominate us!

Her blog is great, so make sure you take a look: Here

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It say’s on the rules page that the next step in accepting this award is to nominate 15 other recently discovered bloggers. We are pretty new to this, so don’t know many but here goes:

All of these lucky blogs above have now been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Finally, to accept this award, The Sarah’s Style Blog need to tell our nominee 7 things about us:

  1. We set up this blog just to post our features and support our uni work, but ended up blogging about everything fashion related
  2. Sarah R’s favourite colour is burgundy
  3. We get a little over excited each time we get great feed back or nominated for awards
  4. The Sarah’s do not have an instagram account
  5. Sarah R has never died her hair, but Sarah H loves giving colour a go
  6. Sarah H passed her shorthand 60wpm exam first time (Congratulations!)
  7. We couldn’t decide to write about fashion or beauty so we decided to create a style blog

Thanks for your support eveyone,

Love The Sarah’s x

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Should I?

By Sarah Redman

Once again I have found myself online shopping. I promise I only meant to check my emails!

But it is Forever 21… However I am on the verge of buying these lovely summer wedges [see below] after seeing their great 21% off regular priced shoes for 2 days only offer.

These are just the shoes I have been looking for as a replacement for last years cheep and cheerful, (yet probably my best go-to-summer-shoe) wooden healed, light brown wedge sandals – which as much as I may want them to, they probably will last no longer than May.

How is a girl to resist?

Forever 21 Shoes

At only £25.99 [Down from £32.90] with 2-4 working days at £3.95 I am struggling for a reason why not to.

What do you think? Should I go for it?

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