Fashionably Juicy

By Sarah Redman

Firefly natural drinks

Firefly natural drinks, available from Waitrose, are my new favourite go to summer drink. A still fruit juice drink with herbal extracts – in my mind basically the new ice tea.

With flavours ranging from ‘peach and green tea‘ to ‘grapefruit and passionfruit‘ I’m hooked.

Best served cold or on ice, i’m still working my way through the flavours, but if you want a pick me up that will wake you up without going for that fashionable cup of coffee then ‘Lemon, Lime & Ginger‘ is great. Sure it doesn’t have the caffeine but it’s packed full of natural botanical extracts… and it sure is zingy!

The bottle is great too, with a stylish bright and colourful array of designs and the opportunity to send your inspired photos to hopefully  be put on their next bottle. The colourful labels are removable in order to recycle it – but the bottles are also versatile  I am a bit of a hoarder – so any beads, broken necklaces, or old buttons are all kept and look rather arty filling up old bottles.

Check out their special edition bottles here.

Are you a fan of these summery drinks? Or do you collect anything and everything arts and crafts? Lets us know and leave a comment or Tweet us a picture @thesarahsblog

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