Shoeaholics: Shoe shopping just got even better

By Sarah Redman

20131107-161551.jpg, my new favourite discount online outlet shoe store. Run by Kurt Geiger, the website sells shoes up to 75% off, with new shoes added every week. You can find anything from Miss KG to Nine West, even Enzo Angiolini. With prices for shoes as low as £10.00 and they also do accessories and mens too!

Last week I finished my TV unit for this year, with deadline mania for a TV news package and a group documentary, I decided I needed an early Christmas present from myself. Thats when I got the email from and innocently clicked the link to the site.

My particular purchase just happened to be 90% off – I’m a sucker for a good deal and £150.00 down to £15.00 was just too good for me to by-pass. Especially when these are the shoes I have lusted after since they first came out and I couldn’t justify the price tag on a student budget.


My lovely shoes are Chloe by KG * Kurt Geiger in gold faux velvet (or display pairs available) – and I love them!


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P.S. Sorry for the later than promised blog post – I ended up powering through my Christmas shopping and was so tired I could barely move, let alone blog.


The Great Pink Bake Off

By Sarah Redman

Did you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To promote this Breakthrough Breast Cancer have created a few events and money raising opportunities. All their efforts to raise this vital funding go towards continuing Breakthrough’s life-saving work, which improves early diagnosis, develops new treatments and works towards preventing all types of breast cancer. With 1,000 women dying from the disease each month in the UK alone, every penny raised is vital in order to help them create a world freed from breast cancer.


So whilst this is a belated post / bake, i thought i would raise a bit of awareness for The Great Pink Bake Off even if i couldn’t hold a bake event myself on Friday 18th October 2013. I have been baking my famous cupcakes as per usual, although i branched out and went with a new Mary Berry vanilla cupcake recipe (keeping the Great Bake Off theme). Now my house mates need to get eating!


I also went for the Heels and Handbags pink and purple Asda cases just for that added pink to my pink marshmallow decoration.


Finally, I know you have all heard of Breakthrough’s award winning TLC (Touch Look Check) campaign, the earlier breast cancer is found the better the chances are of beating it. This is why it is so vital that women make regular checks. It is pretty self explanatory: Touch, Look, Check, being the basis but Breakthrough Breast Cancer have also released a free credit-card sized TLC guide. All you have to do is text SIGNS to 70500 or click HERE to download one.

Not only does the guide detail the key signs and symptoms of breast cancer, it also includes information about what to do if you notice anything unusual. Its handy size means women can keep it somewhere useful, such as in a handbag or on the nightstand, that will act as a helpful reminder to check their breasts. Bonus.


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The Mini Heel

By Sarah Redman

Office shoes

This is a new kind of sensible heel and yes I have been raiding my mothers wardrobe again. Because to be perfectly honest, whilst I could walk all day in them and they really are comfortable, going with trousers, skirts, dresses – whatever, I probably need a few more years until I invest my money in heels that I can wear daily rather than those that just look really good on the shelf.

Office shoes

These lovelies are called ‘Far Away’, sold by Office at £55.00. My mum seems to love them for a summer take on a smart shoe for work, going back and buying another pair. This summer this versatile summer shoe, with a 3cm heel, comes in ‘Natural Leather‘ seen in the photo below, ‘Red Leather‘, ‘Navy Leather‘, and ‘Black Leather‘.

Office shoes

 Keep checking The Sarah’s Blog for a new post on how I’m styling these lovely summer shoes.

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Never going out of fashion…

By Sarah Redman

This is procrastination at its best here.

Mini Cupcakes.

I know many people think cupcakes have had their 15 minutes of fashionable fame and now are just little mouthfuls of calorific icing, but I beg to differ. Like most things this season, it seems the smaller the better. First came the rise of walk-able heels and mini block heals on flats, then the growing popularity of the maxi and the midi skirts – maybe because we are all craving something a little more summery to wear and can’t bear to get our legs out in this lovely British weather, but the amount of skin between your ankle and your hemline is shrinking too.

So, being an avid baker – especially in times of stress – I refuse to give up on the classic cupcake, so here is my first experiment with little mouthfuls of joy:

Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter-cream Icing

Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

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