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I’m Sarah Hugill, currently studying Multimedia Journalism at Bournemouth University.

I live near Croydon in Surrey and from the time I could walk I was trying on my mum’s heels… fashion and beauty have always been a love of mine!

This blog offers the perfect opportunity to share some of the latest news in the fashion industry and hopefully provide you guys with honest opinions on products and trends from a students perspective, who like many loves a bargain. More money towards my nights out fund then!

I have always been mesmerised how words can be so influential and how much easier it often is to express yourself via pen and paper. In my spare time I try and get as much work experience as I can. I’ve taken part in an internship with Absolute Radio and Scratch magazine. I’ve also worked for Bliss magazine, the Croydon Advertiser and the Caterham Independent. Time spent working for these publications has given me the chance to add to my portfolio, practicing my writing for different audiences and styles.

I’ve also writen for the Bournemouth Rock , writing news pieces such as, ‘AUB Make a wish Tree’ (page 2) and ‘Celebrities help three-year old with cancer’ (page 15). I’ve also written for The Student Eye .  My article ‘Student on a budget’ reveals what I, as a fellow shopaholic, have in my wardrobe as a student fairly strapped for cash, but still wishing to try out the latest trends in the fashion industry.

Feel free to contact me via our blog’s Twitter feed @thesarahsblog or email me at

Lots of love,

Sarah (H) x

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