Dance into the night

By Sarah Hugill

For a night on the town with the girlies if I want to last the night its simple flats are a must!

For all you girls who can wear sky high heels and still be on the dance floor at 4 in the morning the respect I have for you is unreal! Unfortunately at 20 I still have not gained that ability!

My high top white converse meant that I didn’t moan once about my feet killing and the others wore flats too, so we were a pretty happy bunch on our feet till the early hours!

I also wore a black and white checkered bodysuit from Miss Guided. I’m a huge fan of this design of top as although when you get changed you look like your wearing a baby-grow, you don’t have to constantly tuck in your top every 10 minutes or so as it gradually crawls out from your skirt or shorts! 

I then wore a skort, the skirt and short combo is great as you don’t have to worry about your skirt rising up, revealing anything that should definitely not be on show, but you still have the girly feel of wearing what looks like a skirt from the front. This purchase was also from Miss Guided, but be warned the skort in this design comes up pretty big, luckily my Mum is great with the needle and thread so she managed to take it in for me, but if I was you i’d order a size down from what you usually wear, much less hassle!


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Tartan dress: my new favourite print

By Sarah Hugill



For a dress that is versatile, suitable for a night out on the town with a pair of Chelsea boots or for a more casual look with a pair of converses this dress from Miss Guided is perfect. I wore a statement silver necklace to add to the look and found the dress easy to wear with a skater dress style flattering for most body shapes! 

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Bedlam outfit

By Sarah Hugill

Time for another house night outfit, this time for Bedlam at the O2.


I chose to wear my new silver, shimmery cami top from Miss Selfridge top with black disco pants from Miss Guided and of course black vans were a necessity! The top isn’t too fitted so I kept cool, despite the heavy crowd, and the disco pants are a fairly good fit, making sure I stayed comfy, not  having to constantly hitch them up! The disco pants also have a slight shine, so you can dress up a plain top, yet are still casual enough for a house night!

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Trendy in tie-dye

By Sarah Hugill

Feel cool and comfortable with this tie-dye dress from Miss guided, perfect for those summer nights.

tie dye dress is maya


This has become a wardrobe favourite of mine, adding to my tie-dye collection. The loose material is flattering and ideal in the heat! I’ve recently came back off holiday to Magaluf, where as you can imagine the clubs swamp you with humidity! I teamed the dress with one of my statement necklaces

What have your holiday favourites been recently? Have you become a fan of the tie-dye trend? Leave a comment below or let us know @thesarahsblog

Summer shorts

By Sarah Hugill

Whenever summer holidays are on the horizon, as if its a tradition I always buy a new pair of denim shorts, I practically live in them on sunny days! Miss Guided are on trend this season with this acid wash, high waisted pair. They’re fitted, yet comfortable!

Miss guided shorts miss guided shorts

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The tie dye trend

By Sarah Hugill

With summer on the horizon what is better than adding some colour to your wardrobe with some tie dye?

There are a range of designs and colours in stores this season, but I bought this particular top from Miss Guided. I’m not really one for bright colours, without even meaning to I seem to be a magnet to pastal and neutral shades, but I couldn’t resist the deep dark blues contrasted with a brighter shade of aqua. I teamed this top with a pair of leggings and some white converse, but its also ideal tucked into some high waisted shorts. Tie dye screams ‘to the beach’ or ‘off to a festival’ due to the casual yet edgy look.

What do you think of the tie dye trend? Have you tried converting a plain top into your very own tie dyed item? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweet us at @thesarahsstyleblog 

tie dye top