Colour me green

By Sarah Redman
I recently acquired this fantastic concealer set; ‘No Show Camouflage Fix‘ from POP via from their flash beauty sale and have been loving the green redness corrector section. The green blends with your skin, changing red marks into the same colour as your skin, evening out your skin tone – great if you have problem skin or for when you get that one pesky spot just before a night out!

With everything I buy, whilst i may love a brand or product, i am also a sucker for a bargain. So i am always combing the high street for a cheep version that still works, or a great offer on that product i love. For this product, whilst i cannot find a replacement that meets the standard set in being able to buy four different types on concealer in one, I have found a ‘Green Corrector Stick‘ from Natural Collection ( for only £1.99, bargain as this is the bit i use the most. Queue, me and Nicola running across to Boots after work and snapping up the last two there before they closed!

(The green is more of a pastel colour than shown in the picture)
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Get your mittens on this!

By Sarah Hugill

There’s nothing better than finding an item in the sale that you’ve been pondering over for a while!

I’d been eye balling this for ages, but kept thinking to myself – I need to save for summer and resisted temptation at spending £36 on this beaded top from Topshop. However, it was recently reduced to £20, so I saw it as an investment and a saving, as quite frankly it was only a matter of time before I caved!

Topshop beaded top

This top is perfect with a a pair of denim shorts and some converse for a more casual summery look, or a pair of disco pants and some wedges for a night out! The cream beading is delicate and makes the sheerness of the top more classy (a black bra is essential!)

Have you got any bargains recently in the sale? Are you a fan of beaded tops? Let us know @thesarahsblog or leave us a comment below!


Lace must haves

By Sarah Hugill

Combining comfort with style Topshop have these gorgeous lace trim boxers for just 3 for £10!

Topshop boxers

All girls love to update their underwear draw once in a while, so why not treat yourself at Topshop! As a fellow fan of Topshop underwear, when Emily Connah showed me these that she recently brought I thought they deserved a blog post!

The cream and navy, and similar white and navy pairs (despite looking black in the photo) are sexy yet sophisticated made of just lace, while the floral pair with white lace trim are a great addition for that summary wardrobe!

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Boots bargain

By Sarah Hugill

Who doesn’t love a good deal when they see one? I always feel a sense of achievement when I have whipped out my bank card, but don’t feel guilty for doing so. I’m sure many of you feel exactly the same, so thought I would share with you my latest bargain!


As a loyal customer to Rimmel London products I was pretty impressed with Boots latest deal. If you spend £10 or more on Rimmel products then you get their volume flash scandal eyes mascara for free! Who can resist a deal like that? Well, I certainly didn’t have the will power too, especially since I have a weakness for glitter nail varnish and always use their lasting finish foundation.

It is definitely worth a trip to Boots if you fancy getting yourself a free mascara! I am yet to use this particular mascara from Rimmel yet so I will have to let you guys know how I find it, as I usually go for a mascara that enhances volume and this one looks very promising!


Have you used their mascara before? What do you think of Rimmel’s latest deal in Boots, let us know at @thesarahsblog or leave a comment below.

Vintage Shades

By Sarah Redman

The Sarah’s Style blog picked up a few gem’s at the recent vintage fair in Bournemouth.

One of my favorites, my retro style shades! Two for £15 – Bargain.

The Bournemouth Vintage Fair - Sunglasses Wall

The Bournemouth Vintage Fair – Sunglasses Wall

Seen above as a wall of sunglasses, by the time I got to it most of the best ones were already gone!

However, I still managed to bag two pairs – one for when i’m feeling a little ‘vintagey’ and the second for when I’m feeling a little more quirky!

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses

These are my ‘everyday’ sunnies, with a hint of tortoise shell and the gold detailing across the bridge of the nose and over the top of the eyes. This pair are more conservative and work well for any occasion – especially if you are already  rocking a variety of bright colours in your outfit.

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses

The gold detailing gives a little edge to the otherwise not dissimilar pair to those found on the high street.

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses

This pair really caught my eye. The bright purple, is eye catching, whilst the faded colour balances out the harsh frames.

Vintage Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses

The detailing on the arms of these shades mimics a very popular design i’m sure you’ll have seen. However, these are total fake (obviously) and for once, I agree with the fakery as the swirl design has been used as inspiration for this particular pair, whilst still being UV safe and CE approved!

All in all, i can’t wait for the sun – because I’m not sure I can pull off sunglasses and snow. Shame…

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