Should I?

By Sarah Redman

Once again I have found myself online shopping. I promise I only meant to check my emails!

But it is Forever 21… However I am on the verge of buying these lovely summer wedges [see below] after seeing their great 21% off regular priced shoes for 2 days only offer.

These are just the shoes I have been looking for as a replacement for last years cheep and cheerful, (yet probably my best go-to-summer-shoe) wooden healed, light brown wedge sandals – which as much as I may want them to, they probably will last no longer than May.

How is a girl to resist?

Forever 21 Shoes

At only £25.99 [Down from £32.90] with 2-4 working days at £3.95 I am struggling for a reason why not to.

What do you think? Should I go for it?

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