By Sarah Redman


My Skylon coat chip – really wanted to keep this but I did kind of need my jacket back!

I love eating out, personally I would rather save up and go out somewhere nice and maybe even treat friends or family (thats if I’m feeling really nice!)

The other evening I ended up in Skylon at the Southbank Centre.

The restaurant takes its name from the original, iconic structure that was built for the 1951 Festival of Britain and the restaurant’s design echoes the style of the Royal Festival Hall during the same time period.  It is filled with more contemporary accents too – not going to lie their chandeliers caught my eye.

Skylon’s floor to ceiling windows hold an amazing view across the River Thames. When we turned up the blinds were draw as the sun was setting and creating a rather undesired greenhouse effect. I always run cold so I wasn’t complaining – but I think most people appreciated the cooler air that came after the sun had dipped below the buildings. The blinds then opened – working their way slowly up the massive windows – revealing water sparkling in the last of the suns rays and leafy green trees lining the banks. Not the worst view for dinner!

The food is seasonal and modern British, but if you are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere the restaurant and grill are divided by a statement circular bar in the centre of the room. It’s known for its cocktails but after a glass of wine over looking the river before we headed to the restaurant I felt I should maybe just stick to the food… and a bottle of wine to go with. Obviously.

I went for a simply mouth watering Haddock Risotto to start – it arrived in a small sauce pan and I got kitchen utensil eveny. I then had the Duck with hands down the best Pea Puree I have ever tasted. I genuinely could have just had a bowl of it!

For me pudding was the best bit (and the only bit I managed to remember to photograph)


I tried what was simply called ‘Strawberries’ – a strawberry sorbet on a crumb bed and a strawberry salad topped with a lemon curd filled meringue. Cue taste bud heaven.


My dining companion chose ‘Peanut Butter’ – I was too preoccupied with mine to steal a spoon but from the rate it disappeared this chocolate and peanut butter, I want to say mousey, delight was a good shout too.


I couldn’t possibly tell you how I still had enough room but in my mind it would have been rude not to have at let tried some of these beauties.

First up: Rose Marshmallow – melt in the mouth heaven.

Second: Chocolate Truffle – when you break through the chocolatey shell you are surprised with a mouthful of salted caramel. Don’t mind if I do.

Finally: Coconut balls – I’m not a coconut person so I didn’t try these, I also didn’t have the room but I’m sure they tasted amazing.

I was too full of all this amazing food for a decent picture of my outfit – so I’ll just describe it instead. I wore a Navy Floral Jacquard Bodycon Dress from River Island, retailing at £28.00, this dress is a classic cut, low scoop back, a short sleeved, simple, statement dress. I teamed this with a simple H&M denim jacket and classic wooden T -bar heals from Clarks.

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Cheeky Little Christmas Chocolates

By Sarah Redman

To be perfectly honest i’m not entirely sure where this year has gone. Not only are the Halloween chocolates bombarding you each time you step into a shop, now the supermarkets are stocking up on their Christmas chocolate too. Unfortunately even a little bit of marketing and advertising will entice me in so i better keep up the gym membership!

Each year there is something new and this year is no exception with Galaxy bringing out their ‘Galaxy Gift for You‘ chocolate; this year in white chocolate too. Malteaser have followed suit and bought out their ‘Malteaster‘ bunny re-branded as ‘Merryteaser‘ – basically exactly the same thing but in a reindeer shape not a bunny. Those crafty chocolatiers!


Needless to say i bought both… in October. Oops!

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Creative cones

By Sarah Redman
To me ice cream is never boring, especially on a hot day! However in a small ice cream parlour in France they have upped their game and created lovely rose designs out of the ice cream of your choice.

Straciatella (Ice milk with pieces of grated chocolate) rose cone

Straciatella (Ice milk with pieces of grated chocolate) rose cone

Fraise et Noisette (Strawberry ice cream and Nut ice cream) rose cone

Straciatella et Fraise (Ice milk with pieces of grated chocolate and Strawberry ice cream) rose cone
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Dining in style

By Sarah Redman
Wagamamas, for years they have provided a place where we can indulge in Japanese food – followed by my favourite white chocolate and ginger cheese cake (I know ginger isn’t everyone’s favourite but this one is worth a try) and a free green tea, just to chat for hours. So now I am officially back from university I felt the need to celebrate fellow (picture) blogger, Georgia Plummer’s birthday as I missed the get together due to exams and have a good old chin wag over a Wagga and the Hoopers beauty event. She won a facial – personally I am classing that as a birthday pressie!
But as I took a moment to sip my green tea I noticed their new menu design and just had to share it. I think their new designs are great and bring more of a fashion element to a great evening of food and good conversation!

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Picture of the week:

By Sarah Redman


I saw this photo while scrolling through my Facebook news feed yesterday, uploaded by Grazia Daily for Grazia’s Weekly Food Round-Up: All Your Food News On One Plate.

‘Edible Spray Paint Makes Food Look Good Enough To Er, Eat’

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Never going out of fashion…

By Sarah Redman

This is procrastination at its best here.

Mini Cupcakes.

I know many people think cupcakes have had their 15 minutes of fashionable fame and now are just little mouthfuls of calorific icing, but I beg to differ. Like most things this season, it seems the smaller the better. First came the rise of walk-able heels and mini block heals on flats, then the growing popularity of the maxi and the midi skirts – maybe because we are all craving something a little more summery to wear and can’t bear to get our legs out in this lovely British weather, but the amount of skin between your ankle and your hemline is shrinking too.

So, being an avid baker – especially in times of stress – I refuse to give up on the classic cupcake, so here is my first experiment with little mouthfuls of joy:

Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Butter-cream Icing

Mini Cupcakes

Mini Cupcakes

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Life’s Little Ponderings…

By Sarah Redman

Life's Little Ponderings

This is a lovely little tumblr page, by my friend Georgia Plummer, a photo blog featuring mostly food and fashion – what could be better.

You can also find some photo’s from The Sarah’s Style Blog’s photo shoots she has re-blogged on Life’s Little Ponderings.

Life's Little Ponderings Post

I love her latest re-blog: ‘I’d rather be happy than be thin’ – words of wisdom that she often comes out with, but when you have a friend who bakes cake like she does you won’t want that ‘elusive gap between your thighs’, because seriously I don’t think its possible!

Eat cake, think of fashion, and be happy

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