More shameless promoting…

By Sarah Redman

… and I don’t care – sorry!

This time not insideKENT magazine but this week’s edition of the Sevenoaks Chronicle newspaper, you can check out their awesome website HERE or for a taster of the 3rd of July edition click HERE.

Picture taken from the Sevenoaks Chronicle website

Picture taken from the Sevenoaks Chronicle website (link above)

Unfortunately my pieces aren’t online so you’re just going to have to go out and buy this one – I’m talking to you my avid following from friends and family in Kent! But for 90p you get a jam packed paper and all the delights in Sevenoaks and the surrounding area this week.

If you are not fed up with my shameless promotion of my work then why not check out these two posts:

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insideKENT magazine – July issue

By Sarah Redman

I am officially incapable of blogging when the new magazine issue actually comes out – but better late than never…

The July issue of insideKENT magazine is well and truly HERE (Seriously click on the link and a world of wonderful writing is at your fingertips – pun not intended for all you table/phone viewers!)


Picture taken from insideKENT magazines website (link above)

This month I have a few fabulous pieces, one of which insideKENT Exclusive Interview with Josh Doyle is available on the website. You can also check out my beauty piece, Summer Make-Up Colour Trends, my Spotlight on Deal piece and right at the back, 10 Best Summer Garden Games.

You can view previous issues HERE or check out TSSB’s post Cheating on Blogging with Magazines.

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Cheating on blogging with magazines

By Sarah Redman

Hi all our lovely readers!

We firstly want to say a big sorry for another massive break from blogging and thanks for sticking with us. As we are both currently at university sometimes we have to put our course first and with deadlines and exams throughout May and June we have been a little busy to say the least!

Sarah (H) jetted off to Egypt this morning for a lovely little holiday with her beau – but in her absence I thought I would start up blogging again. I am hopefully off to sunny Cornwall next week, but I’m sure I will have to odd five minutes to blog my adventures with the girls.


Picture taken from insideKENT magazines website (Link below)

Now to explain this post’s heading. Not only have I been busy with uni but I have also been writing a few pieces for inside KENT magazine! The June issue is out now across Kent – if you are in the area then check your local Waitrose for a copy, if not then don’t worry they also have an online issue. Just click HERE to view it or HERE to see previous issues.

Or have a look at a few of my favourite pieces from inside the magazine and the blog:

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By Sarah Redman


Live, Love, Laugh – Paris September 2012

So sometimes life just takes over, but we will be back. Sarah and I are just back at uni and the daunting thought of deadlines and exams is becoming all to real. The reality is that you get half way though a blog post and then realise you really ought to do some shorthand. So, sorry for a our posts being few and far between, but we do have some lovely posts in the pipeline, from homemade face masks, to our outfit of the day and then of course the good old nail polish post! (A lot of nail polish has been worn over the festive period)

So if you are an avid follower or just check our blog when you get a chance, thank you for keeping with us and we will be back and blogging soon!

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Hoads fashion event photos

By Sarah Redman

Now this is a post I have been meaning to do for ages, but to be honest uni deadlines have been crazy and somethings have just taken a side step. But two essays done and i’m back and blogging, so I thought I would share my photography for local Sevenoaks shoe store Hoads‘ first fashion evening.


Hoads is an independent shoe store which is over 110 years old; with shops in Sevenoaks (Adults and Children), a shop in Deal and also one in Wandsworth, London. They pride themselves on excellent customer service – you can count on the assistants going the extra mile to help you with whatever you need, from a heel grip to a stylish boot that still works with orthotics. I have so many pairs of shoes from here, rather recently two pairs of gorgeous boots – posts coming soon!


Check it out: There is also 20% off selected party shoes instore and online while stocks last!

Their first free fashion evening was a great success, complete with goodie bags, champagne, chocolates, clothes and shoe shopping. What could be better?


You can also have a look at more of the photo’s from the event on their Facebook page HERE or check out their blog post Our Fashion Event with Devine Clothing for more information on the evening.

You can follow Hoads on Twitter @hoadshoes Like them on Facebook at Hoad Shoes or Instargram HoadShoes for exclusive product updates. Why not join their mailing list HERE


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Hello there…

By Sarah Redman

Summer is coming to a close which means its time to go back to uni, so lately The Sarah’s Style Blog has been a little busy with packing, work and puppy duty. But hopefully from now on we will get more of a chance to blog… we are always surrounded by fashion, beauty and style so keep a look out for our new posts!
New nail polish, coats, shoes and jewellery to come…

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Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 in association with New Look

By Sarah Redman

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013
We are back and blogging now!
(We may have a few exams next week, but by Wednesday we are finally done with our first year exams! #Party)
So we would like to kick off our summer of blogging by thanking everyone who has supported our blog in its first three months – can you believe it, a quarter of a year old already – and by also thanking everyone who voted for us in the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 in association with New Look!
We attended the awards ceremony up in London last week and had a lovely night. Unfortunately we didn’t win this year, but on the up side we have discovered some lovely new products to share with you guys… So keep checking The Sarah’s Style Blog for exciting posts.

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013

*and don’t forget, if you want to be featured on our blog drop us a comment, send us an email ( or Tweet us @thesarahsblog – let us know your latest purchase, your product, why your style is awesome, or if you have any quirky ideas or fashion, style or beauty news!

The Versatile Blogger Award


The Sarah’s Style Blog have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by Ella, we would like to say a massive thank you to her for taking the time to nominate us!

Her blog is great, so make sure you take a look: Here

We are really happy to have been nominated for this award, it is great to know we have so much support out there… *cheeky promo* if you haven’t voted for us in the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013, in association with New Look! Please do under the category ‘Best Blogging Duo’.

It say’s on the rules page that the next step in accepting this award is to nominate 15 other recently discovered bloggers. We are pretty new to this, so don’t know many but here goes:

All of these lucky blogs above have now been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award.

Finally, to accept this award, The Sarah’s Style Blog need to tell our nominee 7 things about us:

  1. We set up this blog just to post our features and support our uni work, but ended up blogging about everything fashion related
  2. Sarah R’s favourite colour is burgundy
  3. We get a little over excited each time we get great feed back or nominated for awards
  4. The Sarah’s do not have an instagram account
  5. Sarah R has never died her hair, but Sarah H loves giving colour a go
  6. Sarah H passed her shorthand 60wpm exam first time (Congratulations!)
  7. We couldn’t decide to write about fashion or beauty so we decided to create a style blog

Thanks for your support eveyone,

Love The Sarah’s x