Weekend Haul: TK Maxx

By Sarah Redman

I have noticed quite a few ‘shopping haul’ posts on the blogs I follow recently, so thought i would try my hand at it too. This weekend, due to a last minute change of plans my boyfriend surprised me by coming down to Bournemouth to visit. As we are both shopaholics of course we ended up heading to Castle Point shopping park to have a quick nose around. Otherwise known as a walk to get some fresh air, that, a few hours later and with our bank accounts a few pounds lighter!

The TK Maxx at Castle Point, Bournemouth is great – absolutely massive and with lots of great discounts as only TK Maxx can do. I must admit I was very good for me, sticking to one purchase, where as Josh decided to get some great investment pieces.


Leather jacket: DNR (Donar New Recreated, also known as Donar) – £150.00 (Down from £250.00)

Jumper: Tokyo Laundry – £19.99 – Sedgefield 

This wool blend jumper has definitely grown on me, when he first picked it up i would have never have pegged it as his usual style, but i have always loved a nice warm over-sized jumper and as luck would have it that is what is needed to complete your autumn / winter 2013 wardrobe – the colours really suit him as well. His other purchase is a really fantastic leather jacket. I personally think a leather jacket is a great classic staple for any wardrobe and if you invest your money wisely and get a real leather jacket rather than the imitation leather found so often on the high street, the jacket will last you years. Don’t get me wrong i will pleather with the best of them – i’m still holding out for the perfect leather jacket. Josh’s jacket is 100% pig skin leather, its got a great worn leather look already and it very soft, whilst still durable. The jacket comes with a detachable furry liner, not shown, (personally i think it makes him look like an old fashioned aviation pilot – but i love the versatility aspect).


Coat: Gharani Strok London – £33.99 (Down from £120.00) Blue textured fabric

Jumper: Besh 5 – £14.99

Jumpers and coats seem to be the theme for this shopping trip. However, the coat was a previous purchase i never blogged about. I love this coat and have a had it for a few weeks now, it has been great on the handful of cold days we have had. The design is very simple and the cut is elegant, so it can be dressed up easily or can work well for everyday wear with boots, jeans and a jumper. The coat is light, yet warm – i love a cuddly jumper so went up a size to make sure i had the room – due to the streamlined cut it doesn’t look too big or frumpy. Bonus. This jumper is pretty much the spitting image of a shirt dress by Mary Katrantzou at Matches that i fell in love with, this is just a way more affordable version for a student! It is combined with the sports jumper style, making it versatile and paired on black; a statement print.

Have you ended up with a bit of a haul after a shopping trip? Or are you getting your winter wardrobe sorted? Let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

Who’s for some terracotta faux croc leather?

By Sarah Redman

Another lovely purchase from Mango Touch in Cannes, my new iPad case – designed by Mango in Barcelona.
I love the colour, it is surprisingly practical and very light – making it easy to bring my iPad out with me to take pictures of the wonderful scenery of the South of France. I have also used it as a clutch back in England, it’s light, goes with lots and fits a surprising amount in!
I never thought I was a terracotta faux croc kinda gal, but it turns out for sale price (€9.99, down from €19.99) I totally am.
What do you think of this orangey red hue on leather, could you work it on your purse, shoes or bag? Let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

Mid Season Sales: New Shoes

By Sarah Redman

Yes I have been hitting the mid season sales, I hope you have to!

*Gap up to 75% off  = me getting three items for under £35… your lunch break sorted.

Although one of my latest purchases from Gap was a great canvas and leather clutch – literally haven’t let it go. But this created a dilemma  I clearly needed new shoes to go with the new bag. Obviously.

So here they are:

Dune Shoes

I love the gold detailing on these Dune shoes the two tone is so on trend and really easy to style with summer brights. The gold adds a touch of glamour meaning this shoe is a great transition piece between day and evening wear.

Dune ShoesThis pair of heals are the most comfortable I have bought in a while, with a small amount of cushioning for the ball of your foot and a sensible heal you can walk all day in them – as I did around Bluewater after I bought them!

Dune ShoesIf you like this post and the shoes or have some of your own mid season sales purchases to share then please comment or tweet the sarahs style blog @thesarahsblog

Spotted at the Vintage Fair in Bournemouth

By Sarah Hugill

Apart from rummaging around the vintage store, spending money that I don’t have, I was on the look out for style savvy students, who caught my eye with their originality.

Jenny Masters, a student at Bournemouth University wears a jacket from Urban Outfitters, a playsuit from New Look and a bag from Primark. Jenny has used high-street stores, mixing prints and colours for an inspiring fresh vintage look.

Vintage chic

Vintage chic

Not just your average denim shirt, stand out with a tartan print

Not just your average denim shirt, stand out with a tartan print

Practical yet trendy rucksack

Practical yet trendy rucksack

Helen Clark and Ethan Jones admit to raiding the charity shops for their quirky vintage image, that is sure to have many fellow fashionistas jealous. Ethan says he got his jacket from his friends Grandma, just shows you never know what hidden treasures Grandparents may have stored. Helen Clark says her headband is from Molly’s Den.

With such personalised and creative looks you would not think Helen is just 15 and that Ethan is just 16

With such personalised and creative looks you would not think Helen is just 15 and that Ethan is just 14

Butterfly headscarf

Butterfly headscarf

Heavy vintage jacket

Heavy vintage jacket

These students show that you don’t have to break your bank account to create a sophisticated vintage look, that is sure to turn heads.

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