Street Style Paris: Window Shopping Style

By Sarah Redman

Paris Boutique - Shop window

Paris Boutique – Shop window

Unfortunately Paris is rather like London this time of year – A sea of coats.

But, being surrounded by a multitude of shop’s I couldn’t afford to step over the threshold of, I resorted to window shopping. Below are may favorites and what I would like to think lie beneath those mysterious coats – they could be wearing PJ’s for all I know.

Paris Boutique - Shop window

Paris Boutique – Shop window

This window you just can’t walk past, day or night, you just won’t. It is classically French, fancy free but still oh-so-classy. The look  to the left of the window, may indeed include the coat I wish i had bought this winter (see below), but my favorite has to be the look to the right of the shop window. This look made me wish summer or even spring was here – to be able to wear shorts without your knees going blue – now there’s a dream! The outfit does the talking, only needing the smallest of clutch bags (just to keep the outfit practical – the French think of everything). Whilst the shorts take the military styles seen in autumn / winter and create a spring look – the jumper is my favorite as you could wear it with almost anything! Yes, I am basically thinking jeans and heels – the English look.

Unfortunately, the last time i walked past this shop (my hotel was on the next street) the jumper was out of the window and being carefully packaged up, whilst some lucky woman with clearly an endless credit limit chattered away in French to the boutique owner….


Paris Boutique - Shop window

Paris Boutique – Shop window

I love this window – unlike so many windows you see in England, this actually uses little in the way of props or even a theme. However, focuses on the clothes and literally shows you how to put your outfit together before you have walked into the store! Handy if you are in a rush or if you will only be window shopping (me!)

Paris Boutique - Shop window

Paris Boutique – Shop window

This jacket emulated everything i love about this past autumn winter, the military style, teemed with the leather – that to be honest did you see anyone not wearing something not leather / pleather? Personally I love the gold detailing, It really gives it the edge and you get to see why there was no price on display. If you have to ask, you can’t afford…

But this jacket still emulated what should have been worn on a nice spring day in March, but as we have had snow here, I think it was best to leave the jacket on its hanger!

Paris Boutique - Shop window

Paris Boutique – Shop window

And finally, we come to my favorite accessory I saw out there – this necklace is so quirky and the colours in the Parisian sun looked awesome – the photo just doesn’t do it justice.

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