Halloween Nail Art Inspiration

By Sarah Redman

Last year i missed Halloween as i was ill, so this year i am combating any illness with happy thoughts from my nails.

Below are a variety of nail designs for Halloween this year. You can do as i have and have something different for each nail or choose one (maybe it goes with your outfit?) and keep the theme across all your nails.

*Warning* you definitely need a steady hand for this, but give it a go. These are Halloween nails after all, so if the face of your ghost gets a little smudged then just call it artistic development and say its to make it look that little bit more scary…

20131025-194032.jpgThis first hand is my favorite, it was much easier to paint as i’m right handed. It also contains my favorite two designs the mummy face (on my thumb) and the monochrome ghost (on my ring finger). I think for Halloween i will be going monochrome and a mixture of these two designs.

20131025-201818.jpgThis hand i experimented with texture and colour, to be honest it was pretty fun. I also love how versatile my new Barry M nail foil is!

Products used:

I hope this inspires you to sort some quirky nails for Halloween – its not all about the costume.

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By Sarah Redman

As usual with my uni course the deadlines are looming. Unfortunately i’m not great with stress, but then who is?

Luckily before I left for uni my mum bought me this lovely hand poured candle, that to me smells like home, it has a really calming scent. With this ‘Tranquillity‘ candle from the St. Eval Candle Company, the idea is that the warmth and smell calm you down and relax you. As the tin says a blend of Lavender, Orange and Ylang Ylang create a tranquil atmosphere – Ideal for distressing.

20131021-161407.jpgThanks mum!

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Who’s for some terracotta faux croc leather?

By Sarah Redman

Another lovely purchase from Mango Touch in Cannes, my new iPad case – designed by Mango in Barcelona.
I love the colour, it is surprisingly practical and very light – making it easy to bring my iPad out with me to take pictures of the wonderful scenery of the South of France. I have also used it as a clutch back in England, it’s light, goes with lots and fits a surprising amount in!
I never thought I was a terracotta faux croc kinda gal, but it turns out for sale price (€9.99, down from €19.99) I totally am.
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Flash of colour

By Sarah Redman
I’m not known to be one for false nails, to be perfectly honest they have always freaked me out a little bit. I could never understand the appeal. But recently I have noticed with the rise of gel nails that falsies have improved some what – at least enough to entice me.
So wandering through a blissfully air-conditioned supermarché on my way to find something off the shopping list, I was momentarily distracted by their cosmetics section, only to come across these rather fabulous concoction from Maybelline.

Maybelline New York, colour show nail falsies
Normally the fluorescent nail is a trend I pretty much stay away from. Although in these summer months and in the wonderful heat of the south of France the yellow, pink, and orange hues enticed me.
I will not lie to you, I am pretty much completely useless with these on, they are so long! Although saying that they have held up against clorine, washing my now ‘mermaid’ length hair, and making chocolate soufflés… Not too shabby. But I figured I am on holiday so why not.
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