Dining in style

By Sarah Redman
Wagamamas, for years they have provided a place where we can indulge in Japanese food – followed by my favourite white chocolate and ginger cheese cake (I know ginger isn’t everyone’s favourite but this one is worth a try) and a free green tea, just to chat for hours. So now I am officially back from university I felt the need to celebrate fellow (picture) blogger, Georgia Plummer’s birthday as I missed the get together due to exams and have a good old chin wag over a Wagga and the Hoopers beauty event. She won a facial – personally I am classing that as a birthday pressie!
But as I took a moment to sip my green tea I noticed their new menu design and just had to share it. I think their new designs are great and bring more of a fashion element to a great evening of food and good conversation!

Do you like their new designs or know other restaurants with great menu design then leave us a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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