Cheating on blogging with magazines

By Sarah Redman

Hi all our lovely readers!

We firstly want to say a big sorry for another massive break from blogging and thanks for sticking with us. As we are both currently at university sometimes we have to put our course first and with deadlines and exams throughout May and June we have been a little busy to say the least!

Sarah (H) jetted off to Egypt this morning for a lovely little holiday with her beau – but in her absence I thought I would start up blogging again. I am hopefully off to sunny Cornwall next week, but I’m sure I will have to odd five minutes to blog my adventures with the girls.


Picture taken from insideKENT magazines website (Link below)

Now to explain this post’s heading. Not only have I been busy with uni but I have also been writing a few pieces for inside KENT magazine! The June issue is out now across Kent – if you are in the area then check your local Waitrose for a copy, if not then don’t worry they also have an online issue. Just click HERE to view it or HERE to see previous issues.

Or have a look at a few of my favourite pieces from inside the magazine and the blog:

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By Sarah Redman


Live, Love, Laugh – Paris September 2012

So sometimes life just takes over, but we will be back. Sarah and I are just back at uni and the daunting thought of deadlines and exams is becoming all to real. The reality is that you get half way though a blog post and then realise you really ought to do some shorthand. So, sorry for a our posts being few and far between, but we do have some lovely posts in the pipeline, from homemade face masks, to our outfit of the day and then of course the good old nail polish post! (A lot of nail polish has been worn over the festive period)

So if you are an avid follower or just check our blog when you get a chance, thank you for keeping with us and we will be back and blogging soon!

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