Introducing Harley

By Sarah Redman

This is just one of many pictures of little Harley. Clearly a new puppy is all the range at the moment, with everyone from the Obama’s to Kate and Wills’ pooches poping up in photos across social networks and various forms of the media.
So I just thought I would share what has been chewing my shoes… Seriously, my poor shoe collection!
Harley is from Last Chance in Edenbridge, there has been a lot of discussion over whether the Obama’s pooch choice was purely aesthetic or more to do with their daughter’s allergies. But if you have no health issues then a rescue centre is a great place to go for a dog in need of love and care, there were some lovely animals at Last Chance (it was hard not to take them all!) and at only £130 the money you don’t spend on a pedigree can be spent on replacing your carpets… And shoes!
Would you rescue a puppy or dog even if it put your shoe collection in danger? Let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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