More shameless promoting…

By Sarah Redman

… and I don’t care – sorry!

This time not insideKENT magazine but this week’s edition of the Sevenoaks Chronicle newspaper, you can check out their awesome website HERE or for a taster of the 3rd of July edition click HERE.

Picture taken from the Sevenoaks Chronicle website

Picture taken from the Sevenoaks Chronicle website (link above)

Unfortunately my pieces aren’t online so you’re just going to have to go out and buy this one – I’m talking to you my avid following from friends and family in Kent! But for 90p you get a jam packed paper and all the delights in Sevenoaks and the surrounding area this week.

If you are not fed up with my shameless promotion of my work then why not check out these two posts:

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Monday… Nothing a pair of shoes can’t fix!

By Sarah Redman


Picture via Twitter @SalesGossip

Through a cheeky check of Twitter this morning I found everything from a great article on the top ten things you will learn in your first journo job (@journalismnews / by @JonesJourno) to where the best sample sales are for November ( or @twntysmthgnLDN / @SalesGossip).

@SalesGossip is actually where I found this fantastic motivational tweet for a Monday morning, so just thought I would share the picture above. This picture actually works very well for me this particular Monday, as my fantastic new pair of shoes from will be arriving later today! Look out for my post on them tomorrow.

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Possibly the most controversial accessory…

By Sarah Hugill

Micro pigs are not just a fashion accessory


Me with Boe, the micro pig


Me with Gizmo and Dexter

With celebrities such as The Beckhams, Tom Daley and Katie Price adopting these gorgeous micro pigs it seems there has been a media frenzy surrounding these pets. I visited Kew Little Pigs one of the most reputable breeders for these adorable creatures. I’m currently working on a project finding out more about the controversy behind keeping these as pets, as many owners do not seem to realise they do not stay ‘tea cup’ size.

For more on the topic check out my online package on Buzz stating that Micro pigs are not just for christmas 

Fashion: On a budget

Thought you guys might be interested in checking out one of latest articles ‘Fashion: On a budget’ for @thestudenteye  where I reveal what is in my wardrobe, as a fellow shopaholic trying to stay up to date, while on a fairly tight budget! Let me  know what you guys think 🙂

Sarah (H) x