By Sarah Hugill

Not your average fashion accessory, but I couldn’t resist sharing Sasha with you. A three year old dolphin in Egypt.


I’ve always wanted to swim with these creatures and experience just how friendly these guys are! If any of you are thinking of swimming with dolphins then I would definitely recommend it! The rubbery playful beings will leave you beaming from ear to ear. Although some places are known to treat dolphins terribly, leaving them in crammed, poor conditions so i’d do some research beforehand!



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Christmas penguins

By Sarah Redman

It is our last day of uni tomorrow, so I’m really starting to get into the Christmas spirit.

My advent calender is almost half empty and my Christmas decorations are lighting up the room.


These are my lovely little light up penguins! A present for my mother to make my uni house more Christmasy. These super cute colour changing penguins are sure to give any room some festive cheer.

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Possibly the most controversial accessory…

By Sarah Hugill

Micro pigs are not just a fashion accessory


Me with Boe, the micro pig


Me with Gizmo and Dexter

With celebrities such as The Beckhams, Tom Daley and Katie Price adopting these gorgeous micro pigs it seems there has been a media frenzy surrounding these pets. I visited Kew Little Pigs one of the most reputable breeders for these adorable creatures. I’m currently working on a project finding out more about the controversy behind keeping these as pets, as many owners do not seem to realise they do not stay ‘tea cup’ size.

For more on the topic check out my online package on Buzz stating that Micro pigs are not just for christmas