Outfits for the company blog awards

By Sarah Hugill

The Sarah’s style blog was extremely pleased to be invited to the Company Blog awards 2013, in partnership with New Look, as we were shortlisted for the best blogging duo!

Deciding what we were going to wear took some thinking, we wanted to make sure we were dressed appropriately for the occasion while still feeling comfortable and expressing our personal styles.

I took a trip to London… and yes you guessed it ended up in Topshop and was instanly attracted to a bright, heavily patterned, body-con mid dress. After trying it on I was sold. It was eye catching and fitted the description of my ideal outfit… as i’m sure many of you do, I get an idea of exactly what I want to buy before I even hit the shops.


I teamed the dress with a leather jacket, from Red Herring, one so that I didn’t freeze and two because it gave a more edgy, less formal look.

outfit for blog awards

I wore a pair of simple, yet classic black wedges from New Look. I thought they would be comfy due to the wedge heel, but the platform is not large enough in my opinion to balance the height, but no pain no gain! Besides, I’m sure a pair of stilettos would have been more painful! I decided to match my shoes and a clutch bag, as my dress added enough colour to my outfit. I chose a black silk clutch bag, purchased from New Look, complimented by a large bow on the front as it fitted all the essentials I needed.

clutch bag

I then chose a silver necklace (also from New Look) which dressed up the outfit whilst not making it too over powering, as I was already in a fairly bold dress.

silver necklace

Sarah Redman opted for an emerald green tunic dress from Asos, which Sarah decied to dress up with accessories.

Sarah Redman

Sarah (R) wore adventurous peep- toe, blue and aqua shoes from Zara, which she managed to walk in pretty well… Lets just say I was less quick on my feet!

Sarah R shoes

Sarah brightened up her outfit with her clutch bag, which also matched her shoes (great minds think alike!) Her bag was from Biba, and do not be fooled, despite the clutch looking fairly small it was like a Mary Poppins moment. The amount of items that could fit within the bag was rather impressive, the material was fairly stretchy making it practical yet still stylish.

Sarah Redman's blue bag

Sarah teamed her dress with a classic black jacket from Miss Captain, giving a chic feel to her image.

Sarah R blog awards

Sarah (R) never fails to wear a gorgeous ring, and for the blog awards there was no exception. The emerald stone matched her dress, while the amber stone contrasted adding extra interest to her outfit, a birthday present bought from a small boutique in the Pantiles, Tunbridge Wells.

Sarah redman rings

The necklace Sarah (R) chose was another gem from Zara, the sapphire, ruby red and light green stones added texture and dressed up Sarah (R)’s dress, adding to her elegant look.

Sarah r necklace

The whole experience of attending the blog awards was great, we are extremely grateful to all those who voted for us, it was amazing to be selected out of thousands of other fellow bloggers! Besides, it gave us an excuse to buy a whole new outfit – the bank account may have had a shock but we certainly had smiles on our faces!

What do you think of the outfits we chose – would you have worn something different? Let us know @thesarahsblog or leave us a comment below.


Man’s best friend or woman’s best accessory?

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening” – Coco Chanel [Fashion Designer].

As Coco Chanel said, fashion is in the way we live and for most people their pet is a big part of their lives; part of the family. For the Redman family our dog Daisy was as much a part of daily life as our morning toast. Sadly she passed away on 3rd May 2013, aged 15, she was a very lucky dog with a doting family, but I realised when walking down the street, I had not only lost a faithful companion but the best – for lack of a better word – accessory I ever had.

My favourite accessory is never something I had considered before; I have, like many girls, a rather sizable collection of shoes, bags, belts… whatever you class as an accessory: I have it and I have a lot of them! But the loss of Daisy, made me realise my favourite accessory was the one who followed me round the house in search of food, a hug, or just a game of tug of war that to be honest I never did manage to win. But credit where credit is due, she never once chewed my shoes.

Best dog in the world for a girl who has as many shoes as I do!

“Fashion is a potency in art, making it hard to judge between the temporary and the lasting” – Edmund Clarence Stedman [Journalist / Poet].

Daisy however, will always be my permanent fashion accessory.

Rest In Peace to my Daisy doggy, who always wore her ‘grey slippers’ well.

Daisy Dog

Daisy Dog

Possibly the most controversial accessory…

By Sarah Hugill

Micro pigs are not just a fashion accessory


Me with Boe, the micro pig


Me with Gizmo and Dexter

With celebrities such as The Beckhams, Tom Daley and Katie Price adopting these gorgeous micro pigs it seems there has been a media frenzy surrounding these pets. I visited Kew Little Pigs one of the most reputable breeders for these adorable creatures. I’m currently working on a project finding out more about the controversy behind keeping these as pets, as many owners do not seem to realise they do not stay ‘tea cup’ size.

For more on the topic check out my online package on Buzz stating that Micro pigs are not just for christmas 

Vintage Photo shoot

By Sarah Redman

Below is the photo shoot I did with the wonderful Georgia Plummer. Check it out to see some great vintage pieces and get ideas on how to style your vintage finds. If you like what you see or want to know more about Georgia’s style please Tweet us @thesarahsblog

Look One: Silk & Satin

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Look Two: Glamour Noir

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  • Black Vintage Dress (Next)
  • Purple Tights (M&S)
  • Feather Hat (Unknown Designer)
  • Vintage Pearls (Unknown Designer)
  • Glitter shoes (Schuh)

Look Three: Chick Checks

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  • Vintage Check Cape Coat (Unknown Designer)
  • Tortoise Shell Glasses (RayBan)
  • Black Bead Bag (Unknown Designer)
  • Button Ring (Unknown Designer)
  • Black Suede Wedge Ankle Boots (Geox)

[Photographer. Sarah Redman / Stylist. Sarah Redman & Georgia Plummer / Model . Georgia Plummer / Set Assistant. Grace Redman / Editor. Sarah Redman & Paul Redman]

To see more articles on Vintage in Bournemouth and Brighton click on the articles below:

Fashion: On a budget

Thought you guys might be interested in checking out one of latest articles ‘Fashion: On a budget’ for @thestudenteye  where I reveal what is in my wardrobe, as a fellow shopaholic trying to stay up to date, while on a fairly tight budget! Let me  know what you guys think 🙂

Sarah (H) x

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