By Sarah Hugill

Not your average fashion accessory, but I couldn’t resist sharing Sasha with you. A three year old dolphin in Egypt.


I’ve always wanted to swim with these creatures and experience just how friendly these guys are! If any of you are thinking of swimming with dolphins then I would definitely recommend it! The rubbery playful beings will leave you beaming from ear to ear. Although some places are known to treat dolphins terribly, leaving them in crammed, poor conditions so i’d do some research beforehand!



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Geek chic

By Sarah Hugill 

Comfortable in Sloane square, Chelsea, for a day out with the marge!

It seems the heavens have opened and with not a sunny spell in the sky I thought i’d share a  favourite outfit of mine, from warmer days! 


I chose to team my grey leopard print Nike Air Max trainers from Office, with a grey skater skirt, a black crop top, an oversized cream bag, white laced socks and a silver statement necklace all courtesy of Topshop.  

Call me boring but I often opt for darker colours as they’re easy to co-ordiante and can be worn come rain or shine!

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