The tie dye trend

By Sarah Hugill

With summer on the horizon what is better than adding some colour to your wardrobe with some tie dye?

There are a range of designs and colours in stores this season, but I bought this particular top from Miss Guided. I’m not really one for bright colours, without even meaning to I seem to be a magnet to pastal and neutral shades, but I couldn’t resist the deep dark blues contrasted with a brighter shade of aqua. I teamed this top with a pair of leggings and some white converse, but its also ideal tucked into some high waisted shorts. Tie dye screams ‘to the beach’ or ‘off to a festival’ due to the casual yet edgy look.

What do you think of the tie dye trend? Have you tried converting a plain top into your very own tie dyed item? Let us know by leaving a comment below or tweet us at @thesarahsstyleblog 

tie dye top

4 thoughts on “The tie dye trend

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