L’Occitane Creme Mains

By Sarah Redman

Let me start off by saying: I love L’Occitane. I don’t know whether its the fantastic smell of their shops (even better in the heat of the South of France – Provence), the lovely variety of fragrances in their products or the shear luxuriousness of their entire brand. I don’t know, but i do know if you have never been in one of their shops you are missing out.

*Also bonus, last Christmas i went in for a little look around for present inspiration and got offered a free glass of champers!

My mum has used L’Occitane products forever, i don’t remember a time when there wasn’t a pot of something amazing in the bathroom or a tube of their fabulous hand cream in her handbag. Their hand creams have always been great, their Shea butter enriched formulas are really nourishing, they also protect and soften. In the November 2013 edition of Marie Claire you get a limited edition Violet, Rose or Jasmine hand cream, I went with the violet as i thought it was such an unusual scent for a hand cream – it normally being lilac. I love this new formula, especially how great it is for my nails and dry skin.


L’Occitane have also released Hugs and Kisses Gift Sets, these contain one of the above hand creams (depending on which scent you go for) and also a lip balm in the same scent. The lip balm is also enriched with Shea butter!

Another favourite from L’Occitane is their Magic Key, a cute little key that you can use to roll your almost finished hand cream (or product of choice) and get ever last morsel out.

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Pamper your palms

By Sarah Hugill

Let’s face it we use our hands to do various tasks all day, every day so once in a while they deserve a treat! CND do a range of scented hand and body lotions that are perfect to nourish our over worked hands, especially if you’re like me and are currently surrounded by mind-maps. It’s official revision takes up SO much time.

cnd lotion

This particular cream blends citrus, white flower and warm amber creating a sweet and seductive scent! This was one of CND’s seasonal fragrances, brought out especially for valentines day. CND is a brand that many salons use so it can be difficult to purchase unless your part of the trade. However, I received this particular lotion as a gift for doing an internship for a nail magazine, but if you can get your hands on CND products they are definitely worth it!

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The Sarah’s love shatter nail varnish

By Sarah Hugill

The craze of glitter nails has dominated the majority of nail stands, almost to the point that I completely forgot about the edgy shatter effect. I love a bit of sparkle but the shatter adds a more urban and quirky feel to any outfit. In case you want to try out this effect yourself, I used Barry M Berry 308 and Barry M 311 Nail Effects, many other brands also offer this look but I adored the soft lavender shade and thought i’d be daring and go for a harsh black shade on top, for ultimate contrast.

Barry M Berry shade

Barry M Berry shade

Barry M Nail Effects

Barry M Nail Effects