What I found in the post mans bag…

By Sarah Redman

My mum always sends me little cards and cute presents, i just thought i would share my latest one with you all. This card contained a lovely peal off face mask in Manuka Honey by Montagne Jeunesse.

20131030-194814.jpgThis fantastic face mask is suitable for oily and combination skin and its really easy to use. Just apply, leave to dry and then peal off to reveal lovely skin! I love a good face mask and this peal off aspect makes the whole process a lot easier – just make sure you don’t get it on your eye brows or in your hair line – it really hurts.

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Popular pomegranate

By Sarah Redman
This is my new favourite drink and old favourite fruit. Bottle Green have a great range of fruity drinks, from sparkling elderflower to pomegranate and elderflower cordial, but this is a new find for me. I love the taste, especially when the cordial is mixed with lemonade, I have yet to try this syrup over vanilla ice cream as the bottle suggests!
At the moment i am loving all things pomegranate having just used this great face mask from Montagne Jeunesse in ‘Passion Peel Off‘. This mask is great as it is a peal off so it is really simple and not messy at all. Be warned though, you may get a shock if you look in the mirror when you have it on – it kinda looks like you spent too much time in the sun… and remember try not to get any on your eyebrows or in your hair line, it’s a little painful to get out!

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