The Matte Look

By Sarah Redman

For the past we seasons, the ‘dewy look’ has been the main one to aim for with regards to your skin and make up regime. However for Autumn / Winter 2013 the ‘matte look’ is most definitely back.

Rimmel London Stay Matt Foundation

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation Samples

Rimmel London have just  released their new Stay Matte Foundation – liquid mouse (£5.99). I have always been a bit weary of matte foundations and mouses, thinking that they would dry out my already temperamental and dry skin. However I have been pleasantly surprised with this new formula.

I have never been a fan of that ‘shiny’ look, dewy fine – shinny no! But this matte look is really versatile as a base, letting you choose which area of make up you want to be the focus point, from the classic eyes or lips to the matte look skin itself. This formula includes chamomile, cucumber and cotton to calm, clarify and control shine respectively. This foundation also reduces redness and absorbs any excess oil for up to 12 hours.

This foundation feels great on, leaving  the skin silky smooth (even if its a bit dry), this sample (100 Ivory) is the second lightest shade available (there are 5 shades available), i am rather pale so can struggle to find a foundation that isn’t a stark contrast to my skin. Whist this foundation seems dark, it actually blend very well to your skin tone, you don’t need much at all to get an even yet still shear coverage. This was a pleasant surprise, i found applying this foundation easiest with my Real Techniques expert face brush.

There have been some bad reviews about this product, with some people finding it too cakey – but i found you really need a little bit and just take the time to blend to your skin, rather than ‘paint’ it on to cover up problematic skin. I also used a little Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 001 transparent (£3.99) to finish. In the packaging it looks like a pale colour but when applied really is just a mattefying translucent powder that i found helped any areas of excess oil for my combination skin.

Below is the finished look:

(I apologise for my skin – its having a bad time with the back to uni work stress!)

Stay Matte foundation look

Stay Matte foundation look

I have finished my matte foundation look by adding a bit of bronzer (no.7 perfectly bronzed bronzing pearls), using my go to eyebrow kit (Rimmel London professional eye brow pencil & The Body Shop’s brow & lash gel), keeping my eye make up light (Clinique eye shadow & 17 doll’d up Mascara), lastly some neutral lip balm (Burt’s Bees Honey)

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3 holiday beauty essentials

By Sarah Redman
Each year I have a different product I can’t live without on holiday, whether it is a new frizz serum, a BB cream, or plain and simple but classic eye lash curlers. This year is no different, so here are my 3 holiday beauty essentials for 2013.
The Body Shop – Vitamin E Cool BB Cream

This is a new find for me, I have normally struggled with BB creams as I have problem skin and find they either upset my skin; drying out sensitive areas or inflaming the oily patches and they just didn’t provide the right kind of coverage.
But I have started looking at this product as my halfway house between tinted moisturiser and full on liquid foundation. The vitamin E really is cooling just as the packaging says, great if you are battling sea salt or chlorine.

This light formula blends easily into the skin, (it comes out quiet dark at first, see photo above, but it will adjust to your skin shade) leaving an even, glowing skin tone, without shine (although if you want more coverage then a light powder works well). I also love this look for dinner, if you aren’t going anywhere too fancy, just add some bronzer. Great if you are looking for less coverage – especially during the day, letting your skin breath in the heat – £10.
*Also, 50p from each BB Cream sold goes to the teenage cancer trust #Bonus #Charity
17 – Smoky Eye Palette

This is by no means a new piece of make-up for me, it is a Christmas present from my parents. But each time I go back to this palette I love it even more, it is very easy to blend and you have the choice between a goldeny brown and a bluey grey smokey eye hue.

Depending on the occasion this palette can take you from day to night – just add eye liner and mascara. Simple and easy for when the weather is warm – price not available.
Clinique – Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm (11 Two Ton Tomato)

I love Clinique’s chubby stick, one of the first of its kind on the market and pure genius as far as I am concerned. Whilst on first glance it does kind of looks like you are colouring your lips in with Crayola, but persevere, the formula glides on nicely, leaving a hint of colour and moisture. I now have four shades in the original chubby stick and love every one of them.

They even upped their game and introduced their range of Chubby Stick Intense Lip Colour Balm‘s (for a more intense colour) and then Chubby Stick Shadow Tint for Eyes (next on my beauty list) – all £17.
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They’re Real!

By Sarah Redman

Mascara: Benefit they're Real!; 17 doll'd Up; Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Yes, i’m talking about the new Benefit mascara ‘they’re Real!

Benefit they're Real!

This product I acquired through the goodie bag from the Cosmo Careers Masterclass, but you can get yours from Boots, or anywhere with a Benefit counter! It may come out at an eye-watering (excuse the pun) £19.50, a fair penny more than some great high street brand’s best sellers. However, even as a student, i would definitely invest in this product – it’s worth it.

Benefit they're Real!

The reviews speak for themselves, with the Benefit site racking up 461, Boots 130, and 38, with the majority overwhelmingly positive. The one downside seemed to be that the mascara itself was ‘clumpy’, mine has been fine so to anyone with this problem I suggest having a look at where you store your make-up! Yes the bathroom mirror may have great light, but those hot showers aren’t doing your make-up any good. Don’t forget, they may be promising fantastic lashes but if you pile any mascara on too heavily it will clump – sorry! Take it slow and watch a few YouTube tutorials or ask your local makeup counter for some tips.

Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Before this mascara I used Clinique‘s High Lengths Mascara (£16.00), I have been using this mascara for a while now and to be honest would be and still am reluctant to change. It is great to have variety in your make up, because lets face it you wouldn’t go out in the same make-up you wear down the supermarket, so I would advise having a few – just make sure this is one of them. My sister is blessed with stunningly long natural lashes that look like she is wearing falsies or at least a good mascara when she has little or none on – Grrrr… and breath! But this mascara helps with the sibling rivalry, it has a fantastic precision brush which separates and defines lashes for a wide-eyed look.

Clinique High Lengths Mascara

Clinique have also released High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara (£17.00) this product promises not only the length of their High Lengths Mascara, but also great volume – when pay day arrives i’ll let you know!

17 doll'd Up

I have also recently tried 17‘s Doll’d Up Mascara (Up to 24 hr curl), retailing at £6.29, however if you are beauty savvy you will have already noticed that your recent vouchers for your Boots Advantage Card contain a lovely discount on this product, bringing it in at a credit-crunch happy £2 (Not going to lie I bought it first and foremost for the discount, without even looking at which mascara was so cheep!) But boy am I glad I did. For a mascara that is great for a student budget even without the discount, I was really pleased with the results, I have fair hair and am fair skinned, but the ‘Black’ wasn’t too harsh and actually produces a finish not dissimilar to Benefit’s ‘they’re Real!’ just without the stunning length. This is not to say they don’t add length as the brush is great for that, but curl your lashes before applying and that curl will last!

17 doll'd Up

If you have a favourite mascara and want to share it or want to let us know about one of those mentioned please leave us a comment or tweet the sarahs style blog @thesarahsblog

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