Awesome Etsy

By Sarah Redman

This post is basically a big shout out to my amazing house mate Liesbeth.

Recently she ordered some midi rings off the lovely Etsy and luckily for me she ordered three pairs and decided to give one of them to me!

She went for the buy two get one free deal: two pairs in silver plated and one in rose gold. I went for the silver plated in size US 3.5 as I have been wearing a lot of silver jewellery recently. The delivery on these was great arriving way earlier than expected – so now I’m totally in love with these ring’s shop: Henju Indonesia.

I absolutely love my rings, they are nice and light and very wearable. I also love the swirl design and the fact they are hand made. These rings are great as you can wear them in lots of different ways, showing the design or just the plain side.


My lovely rings (excuse the nail polish – blame it on the washing up)

Do you like my midi rings? Or have you had a successful purchase off Etsy? Let us know and leave a comment below, Tweet us @thesarahsblog or post on our Facebook page.

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