Finally been inked

By Sarah Hugill


Thought I’d share with you guys my latest purchase, no not my usual pair of trainers shocker, or a new tie dye top, but a tattoo!

I’ve want a tattoo for ages but as cliche as it sounds I wanted it to mean something and this one actually does!

I decided to have an infinity sign as it means forever and then in Roman numerals I have my mums, mine and my brothers birthday dates. This represents to me how were always their for each other, no matter what. It’s cringe I know but for those who know me, I don’t do mushy stuff AT ALL, so this was my way of showing them how important they are too me.

Besides I loved the design and have thought long and hard about getting it. For those who might be thinking, “your gonna regret that”, don’t have a heart attack it’s small enough to cover with a watch… not that I will regret it as it means something to me but if in future for job interviews extra I may need to cover it, I can!

But if your thinking did it hurt? I can’t say I have a high pain threshold to be fair but I can safely say yep it was painful! The worse bit was when the tattooist went over my veins and bones, and of course can’t forget when he did the shading, so had to keep going over and over the same bit! But I’d say it was all worth it!

Have you been inked? Let us know @thesarahsblog

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