Birthday bash, what to wear?

By Sarah Hugill

Turning 21 is the big one, but turning 20 still felt like a milestone… your suddenly no longer a teenager. Therefore, I decided one night out was just not enough, so it was the mind boggling decision of what to wear and when. I thought i’d share with you my outfit that I wore for Lightbox.


If anyone has been to Lightbox, or a house night in general you’ll know that it gets boiling and layers are just not suitable!

I opted for an all in one black number from Miss Selfridge, with a sheer neckline and sides, adding more style to the top. I paired this with a pair of Miss Selfridge denim shorts, which fitted like a glove! The shorts were tight in the right places, without being too short! I’m always drawn to shorts for a night out as your not restricted on those dance moves!

I then teamed the outfit with a pair of frilly black socks from Topshop, making the outfit more casual and comfortable for the rave.

Whats your ideal outfit for a house night? Let us know @thesarahsblog 

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