Pearly pink for busy bees

By Sarah Hugill

I decided it was time to update my pastel nail lacquers, but fancied a shade with a shimmer.

Rimmel nail varnish

As a fellow fan of Rimmel products, for their reasonable yet much loved products, I opted for “210 Ethreal” for a pearly pretty pink colour. The shade showcases neutrality yet glamour, with its shiny finish.

I always seem to forget about my nails, until the last minute, leaving little time for them to dry before I have to shove my hand through my coat sleeves, smudging the polish. That’s why I chose this particular lacquer from their “60 seconds” range, so within a minute you fingertips are touchable, perfect when you don’t fancy turning up to your lecture with chipped nails, but don’t have the time to or energy to wait for them to be no longer tacky, which often feels like a lifetime.

Have you tried Rimmel’s 60 second polishes or a fan of this shade? Let us know @thesarahsblog

3 thoughts on “Pearly pink for busy bees

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