Winter nails

By Sarah Redman

During the winter my nails get quite brittle so nail polish chips easily, this can be really annoying especially if my nails are weak.

Recently I have discovered Rimmel London’s Salon Pro with Lycra (£4.49). I love this polish, i think it’s going to become my go to nail polish… I now own the three shades below!


The Lycra makes a noticeable difference to other nail polishes and whilst it has never lasted the whole ten days it claims it can last you up to, I still love it and the colour definitely doesn’t fade either. Even with one coat the coverage is great and it is really fast drying. The brush is another great factor to this polish, it is wide, flat and shaped, perfect for even nail coverage first time.

This product comes in a range of rather lovely colours, some designed by Kate Moss – I find they are a bit different to some more standard ranges, this includes more of a range on colour, going for the dusty pink (grape sorbet) above right and the powdery denim blue (navy seal) above centre. Personally i feel this product is great value for money.

I think for the optimum results from this polish two coats and a top coat are required, but then that works best for most polish’s. My only criticism is that the lid is quite chunky, which is fine – but if you are used to a smaller lid to hold it can seem a bit tricky to get the precision you are after on first use.

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5 thoughts on “Winter nails

  1. Rimmel nail polish always surprises me, I managed to pick some up for 99p in a sale a while back and I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. As someone that can’t stand chips on nails, I usually go for nails inc or opi but of the drugstore brands rimmel is definitely the best and is every bit as good as nails inc. Thanks for sharing and I love the blue colour. Did you have any problems with removal?

    • I genuinely think its one of the best high street brands for nail polish (e.i. spending under a fiver). I know what you mean, i love painting my nails so will spend a bit more to get a good polish. Thanks for reading and supporting our little blog! The blue looks even better when on too. None at all, i used Rimmel’s base and top coat and it was fine!
      Sarah (R) x

      • Thank you.and I am definitel going to buy this blue now as I always find blue polish so difficult to remove, but if this one is easy and it’s under a fiver I am sold! Xx

      • No worries! Yeah i know what you mean, as with any nail polish though just be careful around your cuticles. I just can’t believe I could do the dishes and it didn’t chip!
        Sarah (R) x

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