Shinning little lights

By Sarah Redman

I have always been a big candle fan, i guess it mirrors my love of perfume.

Candles - wilko

Candles – wilko

This year i moved into a house for my second year of uni and the musty un-lived in smell, combined with the previous years delightful lingering pot smell meant i have gone a bit candle crazy – but hey my room smells amazing so i don’t care!

Candles are a great, cheaper version of heating in a student house, a coupe of candles burning in my room for a little bit, with the door closed and even me (a compulsive cold person) can deal with the cold. They also look really pretty and the smell can be so calming.

These are the latest edition to my collection, from Wilkinson’s, they actually smell great for the cheep price of £1.75 and the pots are really cute. So i bough three: Lavender fields, vintage rose and vanilla pod.

Candles - wilko

Candles – wilko

Are you a candle person or will you be starting a collection this winter? Let us know and leave a comment below or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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