It’s a sign

By Sarah Redman

‘Good things happen when you wear the right shoes’

I am known for dragging out my birthday celebrations, but this year i took it to a new level – receiving a birthday present just over three months after.


This lovely sign is from my friend Gem, who recently reminded me that wearing a pair new pair of shoes can change your life… by quoting Cinderella! I think working at a nursery is starting to rub off on her advice, although i am clearly wearing the wrong pair of shoes for writing this blog post as little Harley is currently chewing my new slippers and trying to get them off my feet. This was definitely a bad time to buy new slippers!


Wren Bird slippers in Tan Suede from Hoads Shoes via Clarks

Have you got any unexpected presents lately or have you been starting your winter purchases? Leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog to let us know.

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