French fashions: Pimkie

By Sarah Redman
Pimkie. French brand. Affordable and accessible.
So I just had to have a little rummage through their sale whilst on holiday. To my delight a €14.99 top reduced to €5.00. Sold.

I love the pale blue colour, I am really loving pastels this summer and like how this has been paired with lace on this sweet cami.

What colour scheme have you gone for this summer, have you picked up some great sale pieces? Let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog
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2 thoughts on “French fashions: Pimkie

  1. Hiya! I really wanted to comment on this article because I am French and I used to do my shopping in Pimkie and Jennyfer as a teenager, such memories!!! I am now living in London and I totally agree when you say Pimkie is mainly an affordable and accessible brand. This lacy top is really cute! I am interested to see what you will pair it with! I didn’t go for a particular color this summer, but I did have a penchant for crop tops!!! Your blog is lovely, keep it this way Xxx

    • Hi, Thank you so much for this lovely comment – really made my day! I’ll post soon on what i have been wearing it with 🙂 thank you for your support.
      Love Sarah (R) xxx
      P.s. Just checked out your blog, its great too 🙂

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