Following in the French’s footsteps (literally)

By Sarah Redman
I have noticed that the perfect accessory to tanned, toned ‘legs up to here’ (… And mine only go up to here – Bridget Jones) that all the French girls have #ColourMeGreen, is an anklet. Whether gold and silver chains, or fabric braids, or even ribbons, they are wearing them.
So I decided, I may not have ‘legs up to here’ or anything closely resembling a tan (think more freckled lobster!), but I could damn well still have the jewels to match the non existent tan.
I got my lovely anklet from a small store on a side street in Antibes, costing me €5.00. I
opted for the simple gold chain as recently I have been wearing more gold jewellery than silver and a plain chain would be the easiest to wear. I also thought the sparkly charmed ones would annoy me too much as I was walking along.

I love my new anklet, it is so light and easy to wear; I even forget I have it on. This seems to be one of the easiest jewellery trends I have tried out lately.
What do you think of extending your jewellery all the way down to your feet? Let us know and leave a comment or a tweet us @thesarahsblog

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