Candy floss nails

By Sarah Redman

It may be a baby boy or Prince George as he is now named, but before he was born I got really into candy floss pink nails. I have been raiding my sisters growing collection of nail polish whilst on holiday and found this lovely shade from Barry M – Strawberry Ice Cream 309. I wouldn’t normally go for such a girly shade but I think the heat has got to me because I can’t stop reapplying at the slightest chip. Although it does take a fair amount to chip it… Nevertheless I owe her a new nail polish! #StoleHerNailPolish
Whilst this is not one of their Gelly range, which I love for its simplicity in not needing a top coat and sometimes not even a second coat #QuickNails, I still love the polish. The colour glides on well (in an air conditioned room, I attempted to paint my nails in 35 degrees centigrade – lets just say I won’t be doing that again), this colour is quite light so to achieve the coverage I wanted I did need two coats.
I’m looking forward to mixing this colour with some of my pastel tone polishes back home, for a dip dye effect or my latest magazine nail lust, the linear style (watch this space!)
Have you found a new colour for summer or are you a fan of Barry M? Let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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