Flash of colour

By Sarah Redman
I’m not known to be one for false nails, to be perfectly honest they have always freaked me out a little bit. I could never understand the appeal. But recently I have noticed with the rise of gel nails that falsies have improved some what – at least enough to entice me.
So wandering through a blissfully air-conditioned supermarché on my way to find something off the shopping list, I was momentarily distracted by their cosmetics section, only to come across these rather fabulous concoction from Maybelline.

Maybelline New York, colour show nail falsies
Normally the fluorescent nail is a trend I pretty much stay away from. Although in these summer months and in the wonderful heat of the south of France the yellow, pink, and orange hues enticed me.
I will not lie to you, I am pretty much completely useless with these on, they are so long! Although saying that they have held up against clorine, washing my now ‘mermaid’ length hair, and making chocolate soufflés… Not too shabby. But I figured I am on holiday so why not.
Have you upped your nail game recently or are you a fan of nails you certainly won’t be doing the washing up in? Let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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