Nail art

By Sarah Redman
It is no secret I love a bit of nail art, so I will try all the latest trends (that I can afford)
So to get at bit of nail inspiration whilst at work the other day was great. My manager Lynn was rocking a fabulous mani pedi, in a fushia pink with diamanté’s in the nail bed of the big toe.
I couldn’t believe I haven’t tried this before, it seems the obvious answer to the chipping off of a diamanté design on the end of the ring figure nail. So I had a go the other night using my new Art Deco nail polish in 221 ceramic nail lacquer (Which I adore for its non-chip great coverage and shine with only one coat. So worth the price tag) and some gold/bronze nail diamanté’s from nail rock set in the nail bed of my ring finger nail.
I love the contrast and whilst Lynn’s may have had a variety of shades from an awesome pack from Primark, I have decided to follow the colour block trend.

Have you experimented with your nails recently or tried this style, leave us a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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