Nail tip: Champneys four way nail file

By Sarah Redman

This has been my ‘everlasting winter’ saviour – genuinely don’t know how my nails survived. Tell a lie, I do – copious amounts of moisturiser, cuticle cream, vitamin E enriched polish remover, and finally a plethora of vitamin D!
But this is the one thing that has kept my nails going for the last year. An 18th birthday present as part of a Champneys manicure and pedicure set, this little every-which-way nail file is looking a little worse for wear, but with its four sided attack my nails are getting summer ready.
I always stress the importance of a good base and top coat to protect both your nails and nail polish, but I don’t think I ever put polish on my nails without using this first. I really love it’s versatility: It has numbered sides for ease of use, 1) file nail edge – just like a normal nail file really, 2) remove ridges – great, especially in winter for a smooth area to polish, 3) smooth nail – doing exactly what it says on the tin and smoothing the nail, adding to number 2’s benefits, finally 4) shine nail – this is my favourite side, adding shine to even the weakest nail, instantly making it look healthier (and a god send if you really don’t have time to paint your nails)
Once again Champneys have impressed and after lasting a year (would probably last longer if I treated it better) I am excited to buy a new one.
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