What I wore today

By Sarah Redman

After a few days back working at the lovely Hoads and noticing my colleague Nicola’s style and lovely new purchases, I realised I have been neglecting my ever increasing collection of skirts. So today I have had a little rummage and found my new Primarny (Primark*) maxi skirt complete with thigh high split.
Whilst I love rocking the coloured skinnys as much as the next girl, the sun is out, even if only momentarily… And hey you can always wear tights!
I have teemed this statement block colour skirt with an old light jumper (Dorothy Perkins), statement necklace (Zara), summer sandals (Office), vintage belt (unknown designer) and of course my mandatory summer staple the denim jacket (H&M). Last but not least the Mulbs (Mulberry) #lovelovelove

*now on ASOS, combining the best of the online world with clothes a seven year old could afford to buy with their pocket money… Woop!

If you like this post or have been breathing new life into old or never worn clothes then let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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