Dip dye: the trend continues

By Sarah Redman

First we had maxi skirts, then crop tops – tie dye wasn’t so special the dip dye was the way to go, so much so that everyone started to ombre their hair. But now just like every other trend seems to, this trend has arrived on our nails.

My obsession with nails may be becoming unhealthy, but I have seen this trend on nails sporting summery pastel colours and thought I would give it a go and combine it with another obsession of mine:

Mavala nail polish.

So here we have my take on this trend with Mavala ‘Precious Colours’ Ruby and Mavala ‘Simply Delicious’ Fresh Melon. I love these two colours and bought them whilst in Paris last summer with the girls! I went on a bit of a Mavala nail polish rampage…

Mavala Dip Dye

To get this look, first I painted half my nail with Mavala Ruby, dragging the colour down from the nail bed. To make sure I had a sufficient depth of colour when blending I painted a second coat.

Then I worked from the tip of the nail up with Mavala Fresh Melon, painting over the bottom edge of Mavala Ruby. I then took a small make-up sponge to the merging line and blotted the excess colour to create the faded effect. To match the depth of colour I painted a second coat of the Mavala Fresh Melon.

Mavala Dip Dye

Make sure you wait for the nail polish to completely dry before painting your top coat, otherwise you may smudge the colours more than you want to. Don’t worry if your nails seem uneven or the polish not smooth, the top coat should sort this out.

If you like this post or have experiemented with dip dye nails yourself then let us know and leave a comment or Tweet us @thesarahsblog

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