You can’t go wrong with lace

By Sarah Hugill

These lace thongs come in a pack of 3 for only £6!

Black thongs

Peacocks offer a wide range of underwear with different designs and colours but unfortunately, like many other stores they seem to assume that the biggest sized boobs in the country is a D cup!

An obvious VPL is hardly flattering so often a thong is essential, or if there’s a chance you may get out a taxi in a less than elegant fashion… perhaps in a little black dress after too much vodka then black undies may make the situation less obvious than a pair of bright neon frenchies!

I love the polka dot bows on the back of these thongs, as they add a playful touch and I always think you can’t go wrong with lace underwear.

Have you brought underwear from Peacocks before? Are you a fan of lace? Let us know at @thesarahsstyleblog 

3 thoughts on “You can’t go wrong with lace

  1. There super cute, and polka dot bows too! Re the bras i find that debenhams do the best My fave being gorgeous but they also have others and usually good sales. Other than that i would try

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