By Sarah Redman

Bobbi Brown. A make-up brand that up until now I have never really investigated, it is my sister‘s make-up of choice, so I just left it with her. She told me it was amazing and to be perfectly honest, her skin does look great. But I have tried almost every brand out there and when I found my Clinique foundation that just works so well for my difficult skin, I was sold and have stayed with it for ages.

A friend once said “If you have a great base then you can put almost anything on top.” So basically, invest in a good quality foundation and then you can have a £2 blusher. What could be simpler? On a student budget this works well as I have found that the more I pay for a foundation the more it lasts (not sure if I’m just more precious about it, but hey!)

Surprise - Bobbi Brown

Whilst I have never experimented with Bobbi Brown myself, my sister – clearly a valued customer – received a free gift in the post this morning. #Jealous

Bobbi Brown set their Intensifying Long Wear Mascara and a code for free nominated day delivery, wrapped in a lovely black embossed with small circles package. After their ‘Surprise’ complimentary gift I may just have to try out a few of their products myself. Especially after seeing their new Sheer Lip Colour range!

Bobbi Brown Mascara

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