A ring from Sorrento, Italy

By Sarah Redman

Or to give it its full name; Sorrento, Province of Naples, Campania, Italy. My parents have recently returned from the wondrous heat of Italy *yeah because I’m not jealous* but they did bring me a pressie.

 Ring from Sorrento

My beautiful ring comes from a small boutique in the old town in Sorrento.

I love this ring as it is adjustable, so I can wear it on any finger and easily mix and match with rings I already own. The blue and gold detailing also mirrors the pattern seen on nails this season, with Ciate’s Very ColourFoil Nail ‘Wow Kit’ being a pioneer in this tread I have yet to try. But until I decide on the metallic style to suit me I will be styling this quirky ring.

Thanks mum and dad!

If you like this ring or have already tried Ciate’s new ‘wow kit’ let us know by leaving a comment or tweeting thesarahsstyleblog @thesarahsblog

Which shade of blue accessory will you be styling this spring?

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