Nails for a ‘not quite summer’

By Sarah Redman

Nails are the must have accessory at the moment, long, short, studded, sparkly – however they come it seems to be the quirkier the better. But sometimes its just all a bit of a faff! So below are my favourite spring / summer ‘easy colours’. If you like what you see or have any photo’s you want to share with us, feel free to leave us a comment or tweet us @thesarahsblog

Nude nails:

Ciate Pocket Money 107

These are my favourite at the moment, with the weather changing its mind every three seconds I need a nail that can take me from sunshine to hail stones (not kidding this happened to me the other day). This colour or shade if you prefer is easy, just make sure you have the right one for your skin tone – when you have it don’t let it go. Nudes can have varying shades of pink etc in, so some shades or brands might suit you better than others. I have quite pinky skin so my favourites are Ciate – Pocket Money 107 (above) and Mavala 396 Velvet (Mavala usually retails between £4 and £5, however shows as cheaper on Amazon).

Here are a few other shades to help you find your look:

Nude Nail Polishes

Violet nails:

Rimmel London 702 Marshmallow Heaven

I have always loved this as a summer shade, pastel nails go with most outfits and bring a bit of summer even if you are at work and in head to toe black. Each year i find a new shade that i love slightly more, this year i’m loving Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish 702 Marshmallow Heaven. This has all the purple pastel you need, but is slightly darker than some other brands which I prefer as a transitional polish between this everlasting winter and spring / summer 2013.

Here are a few other shades to help you find your look:

Violet Nail Polishes

Mango nails:

 Mavala 183 Fresh Melon

I love this shade, part of Mavala’s ‘Simply Delicious‘ range for spring / summer 2012, Mavala’s 182 Fresh Melon along with the other fresh colours gives a great summer nail. There are six colours in the range and I almost have them all! This one is one of my favorites, bought in Paris in the summer of 2012, it opitimised summer days and was fresh and light on the nail. One of my all time favourites.

Here are a few other shades to help you find your look:

Mango Nail Polishes

Mint nails:

17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish Mint Choc Chip

A mint nail is great if you want a fresh look, there are a lot of mint or turquoise colours on the high street for 2013. 17’s Lasting Fix Nail Polish Mint Choc Chip is a favourite I have had for a while and is quick and easy to apply. This nail polish will last you for ages and go with most colours for a fresh summer accessory.

Here are a few other shades to help you find your look:

Mint Nail Polishes

*Don’t forget a hard base coat and a top coat with a good shine!

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