Daring in denim

By Sarah Hugill

With denim filling up what seems to be every rail in the high street this summer, from dungarees to shirts, I absolutely love this sleeveless number. The contrast of the aztec print and subtle acid wash denim, gives a vintage feel. My close friend from university Alice Tomlins bought this recently from River Island and this is definitely going to be on of my ‘I need to borrow’ items!

The aztec print makes the item more edgy and eye catching, whether your feeling brave to do the ‘denim on denim’ look – which I must say I am yet to try or simply put on with a pair of leggings, your’re sure to impress. Acid wash seems to be dominating the majority of denim this summer, and has been fairly popular for some time now, so this shirt ensures your up to date with one of the (in my opinion) most stylish crazes.

Have you got any items that you would like us to review – feel free to send them via @thesarahsblog What do you think of aztec and denim – do they compliment each other, have you gone mad for the acid wash look and are you a fan of the denim on denim look? Let us know via twitter or drop a comment below.

2 thoughts on “Daring in denim

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