Fake tan products sure to impress

Top 3 favourite fake tan products

Top 3 favourite fake tan products

By Sarah Hugill

With the spring on the horizon it is time to build up that summer glow. The difficulty of self tanning is getting the colour right, you don’t want to resemble an umpa lumpa, but at the same time you want to ensure your not looking ghostly. As a fellow regular fake tanner, I have experienced the orange streaks that make you wish you just had not bothered in the first place and of course, when the tan starts to go patchy and it is a misson to exfoliate it off. Of all the fake tans I have finally discovered my top three.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer

Rimmel Sun Shimmer

If you need an instant tan, perhaps your friends have persuaded you to hit the town, leaving you with minimal time to get ready, then Rimmel ‘Sun Shimmer’ is needed. They offer a range of shades, light, medium and dark, therefore it is sure to compliment your own natural colour. However, I am a fan of looking as though i’ve just got back from a month in Cyprus, so I opt for the darkest shade. The product tans you instantly, allowing you to add as little or as much as you wish.

Palmers Natural Bronze

Palmers Natural Bronze

Palmers provide a moisturiser and a gradual tan that smells of coco butter, so by far the best smelling tan i’ve used, as a lot of them tend to have a strong artificial aroma. This ensures your skin stays soft, while still giving a colour after just one application. The tan builds up gradually, so you can monitor you colour build up easily.

No 7 Perfectly Bronzed

No 7 Perfectly Bronzed

No7 ‘Perfectly Bronzed’ is a quick drying lotion, so you can achieve a quick yet effective application. This product gives an instant slight colour, but will develop fully over approximately a three hour period. There’s no doubt that this product does have a ‘fake tan’ smell but it is not as pungent as other tans I have used, and the colour you achieve is definitely worth it. This product allows you to develop a tan as deep as you wish, simply the more you apply the darker tan you will have.

Whenever you use fake tan I have learnt to ALWAYS use a mitt, to avoid tangoed looking hands.

If you have any comments on the products above or perhaps you have other self tanners that you feel work better for you, feel free to leave a comment. I’m always up for experimenting with different brands until I find the ‘perfect’ one.

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