Valentino: Master of Couture

By Sarah Redman

Valentino Master of Couture

Valentino Master of Couture

I made it half way through the Valentino exhibition, at Somerset House in London, when I settled upon the perfect wedding dress. A 2003 master piece (for me his best year – but everyone has their favourite!)

The anticipation built as the young girl with a walkie talkie told me it wouldn’t be long, surrounded by a timeline of Valentino’s career, I was struck in such a small space as to his contribution to fashion. The man’s an Italian genius. After climbing the stairs to a red carpet that awaits the lucky viewer you see a corridor lined with chairs and mannequins adorned with Valentino as far as the eye can see.

The exhibition designed as the viewers own little catwalk where the real talent sits and poses in the audience. The chairs breaking up the army of Valentino contain place cards, my favourite, at just next to the second to last dress read in careful calligraphy: Mademoiselle Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and The City fan through and through – I will own those Blahnik’s one day!)

Valentino Dress Postcard

Valentino Dress Postcard

Unfortunately, Somerset House did not permit photography in the exhibition and I thought it wise not to treat you to my rusty fashion illustration skills so bought a postcard instead!

This exhibition is now closed but check out Somerset Houses Website for upcoming exhibitions.

Valentino Exhibition Dates

Valentino Exhibition Dates

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