A little bit of week day nail glamour

By Sarah Redman

Now, every winter my nails seem to fall apart, so needless to say, I spend most of my pay check on a little bit of polish and product for my wonderful writing hands. This means that I do indeed have a shoe box or two full of nail polishes of all shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Some say this is obsessive and O.T.T. – I say this is fashion darling!

I felt my nails needed a bit of glamming up this week with a wonderful Christmas present from my little sister – Barry M.

I always start by prepping my nails – a necessity unless you want uneven and lumpy polish.

I use Rimmel London’s Nail Rescue (to help strengthen and protect brittle nails), Stronger (For a  fantastic base coat – also with strengthening properties) and Super Wear (Pro) (For a super shine to that all important top coat).

Rimmel London Nail Rescue, Stronger and Super Wear

Rimmel London Nail Rescue, Stronger and Super Wear

Once the base coat dried I added 17’s fast finish nail polish in Revenge. A muted purpley colour with a subtle sparkle.

17's Fast finish nail polish in Revenge

17’s Fast finish nail polish in Revenge

To this I then added my sparkle – Barry M’s 243 (A clear colour with blue red and green sparkles)! Starting with a general covering in glitter and then going back for a second coat and emphasising the glitter at the tip of my nail, leaving the glitter sparse at the base. This crated a fading effect to the glitter.

(I only used one coat of revenge, unlike my usual two of colour as too many coats can become clumpy and can effect the finish of the nail.)

Barry M's 243

Barry M’s 243

Finally I finished with a top coat and then skyped my boyfriend to show him my evenings accomplishment – weirdly enough he was less enthusiastic about the colour of my nails than me…

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