By Sarah Redman

The Dior tent for Paris Fashion Week 2013

The Dior tent for Paris Fashion Week 2013

When ‘segwaying’ one does not exactly look glamorous at the best of times – hat (helmet) hair and a general windswept-ness being the most prevalent of problems as the glitterati of Paris Fashion Week (PFW) looked me up and down.

My other conundrum was the minor problem on being on a segway and not seven inch Louboutin’s – although probably similar in price!

And lastly, I honestly don’t think I could have been wearing more layers:  jumpers, about twenty vests and thermal socks. Turns out, Paris is cold this time of year – think Bournemouth beach in winter.

So whilst I should have been absorbing information about Hôtel National des Invalides and Napoleon’s tomb at the Eglise du Dome Church, I was taking sneaky photos of those lucky fashionistas leaving the Dior show we happened to stumble across #LoveSegwayTours

Two PFW attendees leaving the Dior show

Two PFW attendees leaving the Dior show

These two are channelling what I would like to think is a response to the news that Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz will be playing the witches in the new movie ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’. Personally loving the red loafer style heels teamed with grey tights – softer than black, whilst still admitting even fashion has to work around the weather!

The sun glasses and turban teamed with the awesome cream – I want to say studs (but ladies these are studs that can only been worn when your ears are feeling strong – there is nothing worse than an accidently stretched piercing, wrong on every level!) bring a 50’s feel to the look. This ensemble leaves you thinking which dress she has chosen to complete this wonderful, I’m naming it ‘50’s Dorothy’ combination.

Whilst on your right we have what I will be calling ‘Dark Oz’. In keeping with the monochrome trend appearing in every magazine worth reading in February, whilst taking it one step further and adding a pop of colour with her red clutch.

Kudos on the monochrome and #InLove with your boots – the wooden detail reminding me spring should be on its way and my wonderful wooden sandals can come out of hibernation!

Three of PFW’s Dior attendee’s on the streets of Paris

Three of PFW’s Dior attendee’s on the streets of Paris

This photo basically sums up Paris in February: a lovely array of coats! Together, they all work the monochrome look – just add matching heels and a bag (NB. Must be worn in the crook of the arm or held – shoulder bags are just not Paris 2013)

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